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The Audition Room - A Down to Earth Guide​​
In 2012 I was commissioned by Calm Publishing to write a series of kindle singles of advice for actors from the perspective of the casting profession. This became 'The Audition Room: A Down to Earth Guide' and was published in 2013. ​​The second edition was published by The Book Guild in 2017.

The motivation for me was to demystify the casting process as a whole in order to open the door to a wider body of talent and to better prepare those actors for the practical requirements of their chosen profession, when in the audition room.

This in turn will lead to directors and producers increasing the pool of diverse talent that they can choose from.

The book is full of practical advice and tips and quotes from renowned industry professionals.

The Audition Room publishes daily tweets of helpful advice and thoughts from the industry professionals interviewed and myself.

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